Top Honda Models You May Find At Honda Dealership Used Cars

With a huge reputation for offering affordable, fun-to-drive, and reliable vehicles, the Honda automobile brand is a favorite in the industry. American families in search of a family-friendly midsize sedan may find that the five-passenger Honda Accord will check all the boxes from stylish look to strong performance. Moreover, drivers who love a sporty, fuel-efficient, and fun-to-drive compact car will love what the Honda Civic offers, and also the Honda CR-V compact crossover is a stand out in a popular segment. If you’re still not convinced, you should stop-by Houston Direct Auto today and have a close look at several Certified Used Honda In Houston TX. Also, you can check out how you feel inside your dream vehicle by taking a test drive of several used Honda cars at our dealership.


Models You May Find At  Honda Dealership Used Cars In Houston TX

When you’re in the market for safe and reliable transportation, it is not hard to find used Honda for sale an amazing choice. Among most automotive enthusiasts, Honda has earned a huge reputation for offering affordable and stylish cars. With the starting price under $10,000, you will find a great collection of vehicles. Here, we have mentioned a few best Honda used cars you can find easily in America.


Used Honda Accord : Honda Used Cars In Houston TX

The Honda Accord continues the Accord’s long-standing trend of being beloved by both enthusiasts and buyers alike. The Accord boasts powerful engine options paired with a surprisingly effective CVT automatic, sporty handling, and a ton of cabin and cargo space. There are many things that drivers love about their Hondas, especially their safety and reliability. Here, we have compiled a few top reasons to consider Accord – Honda Used Cars In Houston TX –

Spacious Cabin:

Sedans are not exactly known for having the most spacious cabins, but the 2019 Honda Accord outdoes most of them. The Honda Accord is considered a full-sized sedan. Upfront, there is plenty of space for most average-sized adults, and in the rear, leg space is plentiful for all sizes of adults that can be difficult to find in many vehicles.

Reliable Braking System:

If there is one thing that Honda prides itself on, it is making safe and reliable vehicles. The Accord is no exception to this rule. Its braking system is quite good. The brake pedal has a firm feel beneath the pressure of your foot, and you will not have to worry about how this vehicle will perform when you need to make a panic stop. Slamming on the brakes is made to feel rather secure with the straight-as-an-arrow tracking you get from the wheels.

Standard Driver Aids:

Safety, it seems, is typically a top priority for Honda, and this is evidenced by the long list of standard driver aids on the Honda Accord. On the base LX trim, you will get lane departure warning and mitigation, forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking, and adaptive cruise control. The higher up in trim levels you go, the more features you can get. The Touring trim, for example, comes with parking sensors for both the front and rear of the vehicle.

User-Friendly Infotainment System:

Okay, so before Honda made some serious changes to the infotainment system, the thing was just downright horrendous to try to use. Hondas had one of the worst infotainment systems ever made. But Honda took consumers’ complaints to heart and revamped the system. The Honda Accords get a set-up that is easy to navigate thanks to its clean interface with crystal clear graphics. It is now one of the better systems out there. Even the navigation features are easy to use.


Used Honda Civic : Used Honda For Sale In Houston TX

The well-loved and highly-regarded Honda Civic is now several years into its 10th generation. It used to be considered one of the best compact cars. As can be expected, the Honda Civic packs a powerful punch and has numerous safety features that make it a top choice for newer drivers. It rewards you with an infotainment system, a cool new Sport trim, and retains its excellent driving performance and fuel efficiency. Here, we have listed a few reasons to consider the Honda Civic when in the market for a Used Honda For Sale In Houston TX –

Comfortable Ride Quality:

The Honda Civic sometimes feels bigger than it is while you are riding in it. While this means it does let some flaws in the road through, they are typically smoothed out pretty well. The sedan handles mid-corner rough patches with ease and does not give the impression that it will lose any amount of control. The coupe provides an even firmer performance. The cabin remains fairly quiet even at highway speeds.

Easy to Use Controls:

Honda seems to understand that many of their drivers don’t want to spend a lot of time with confusing controls on the dashboard or the touchscreen interface. So, knobs are marked and intuitively placed along with the Civic’s dash, the center console is well-organized, and there are buttons on the steering wheel that allow drivers to make adjustments without taking their hands away from the steering wheel or eyes off of the road.

Excellent Climate Control:

Climate control works exceedingly well at providing air throughout the cabin. The dual-zone automatic climate control system has controls that are easy to figure out. Once you’ve got them sussed out, you can quickly change the settings to get the cool or warm air you need. The air conditioning feels great in the summer, and the cabin warms up quickly on chilly days.

Secure Braking:

The driving performance on the Honda Civic is well-rounded thanks to the incredibly secure braking system that has been put in place. The brake pedal feels firm and is therefore easy to control in any driving situation. Panic stops can be made in safe, short distances, performing better than quite a few of its competitors when tested.


Used Honda CR-V : Honda Certified Pre Owned In Houston TX

The Honda C-V is an excellent option when you’re looking for an SUV. It is focused on providing an all-around solid performance. From its zippy acceleration on the turbocharged engine to the inventively designed storage and cargo space, the CR-V gets many things right. This vehicle is Honda’s mid-sized SUV, ranking in size between the subcompact HR-V and the three-row Pilot. Here, we have mentioned a few top reasons to consider a used Honda CR-V – Honda Certified Pre Owned In Houston TX in Texas –

Sportier Exterior:

The front and rear fascia on the Honda CR-V has been redesigned to compete with some of the sporty new SUVs on the market. The black grille has larger openings, and the headlights are slim and elongated across the front fascia.

Lots of Cargo Space:

It is not just the cabin that is spacious on the Honda CR-V; the cargo area is also one of the most cavernous in its class. With all seats in place, you can get between 37.6 and 39.2 cubic feet of cargo space. When you fold the rear seats down, this amount maxes out to a whopping 75.8 cubic feet of cargo space. Most compact SUVs struggle to come anywhere close to these measurements, so if cargo capacity is a determining factor for you, the CR-V might just be a top choice.

AWD Option:

Although front-wheel drive is standard, all-wheel drive is now optional across Honda’s lineup. This is a nice touch that puts it above many of its competitors who only offer AWD on upscale trim levels or not at all.

Smartphone Integration:

Having smartphone app integration can make the driving experience all the better for people who do not want to deal with the vehicle’s built-in apps. While the voice control features built into the vehicle are not wonky, a lot of drivers will probably prefer to sync up their smartphones and use Google Voice or Siri. All you have to do is hold down the button for a few extra seconds. Not all of the CR-V’s competitors have standard smartphone app integration, so the fact that it is included speaks to Honda’s drive to please consumers.


Used Honda Fit –

The Honda Fit has a more-than-adequate power output along with a spacious interior for being a tiny hatchback. Over the past five years, the braking performance has been the biggest gripe drivers have expressed over the Fit. Also, it handles better than other vehicles in its class despite less-than-exciting acceleration. This vehicle is an all-around fun daily driver and makes squeezing into tight parking spaces simple. Here, we have compiled a few reasons to consider a used Honda Fit in Texas –

Impressive Safety Ratings:

Honda takes pride in creating safe and reliable vehicles, and the Honda Fit is no exception to this rule. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) gave the Honda Fit “good” marks across the board on all of its crash tests. Additionally, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) awarded the Honda Fit with five out of five stars overall. All but one test was also ranked 5/5. The only test in which the Fit received a 4 was the rollover test. However, no tip was noticed in the Dynamic Test Result, and NHTSA calculated that there was only a 14.7 percent risk of the vehicle rolling over.

Precise Steering:

The Fit has some remarkably precise steering. The steering is light, and there is not a whole lot in the way of feedback, but it is sufficient. And you will always know where the wheels are tracking. The effort will build over time, and drivers will be able to get used to it quickly. Everything about the steering is spot-on and reassuring.

Child Safety Seats Are Easy to Install:

In many vehicles, child safety seats can be a pain to try to install. In the Honda Fit, however, this is not a problem. The LATCH anchors in the rear seat are easy to find and use. Getting child safety seats in and out of the rear seat is also simple thanks to the plentiful space in the rear and tall openings of the doors.

Easy to Use Climate Control:

The climate control knob is located on the center stack and is easy to locate. Climate control is only manually adjustable, so you won’t have to figure out any automatic settings. The climate control in the vehicle does a great job of keeping the cabin cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


Used Honda HR-V –

The first generation of the Honda HR-V has not failed to impress drivers and car enthusiasts. The HR-V makes up with its stellar fuel economy and emphasis on safety. Despite its small size, the HR-V has a spacious interior that can comfortably fit adults upfront and in the back. Moreover, besides its slow acceleration, the HR-V is a sturdy vehicle that gets great gas mileage and offers some bang for your buck. Here, we have compiled a few top reasons to consider a used Honda HR-V at Honda Dealership Used Cars In Houston TX

Effective Climate Control System:

Although the digital controls on the touchscreen system can be a bit tricky, the climate control system itself works well at pumping out air. Air flows through all areas of the cabin and quickly gets to your desired temperature. Also, the front seats on the higher trims come with heated front seats, and there are two heating levels you can switch between.

Cargo Space:

Honda knows how to optimize interior designs. Drivers will be hard-pressed to find another vehicle in this class that has as much cargo space utility as the HR-V. With all seats in place, the HR-V gives you a solid 24.3 cubic feet of cargo space. When you fold the rear seat down (and it does fold down), you can maximize the cargo space to 58.8 feet of cargo space. Just bear in mind that the all-wheel-drive versions get slightly less cargo space, but it is still something to marvel at.

Optional AWD System:

Drivers who live in areas where weather conditions make driving a hazard regularly love having all-wheel drive as an option. Honda has seen fit to give the HR-V an all-wheel-drive option that adds that extra level of security. Although the HR-V isn’t a stellar off-roader, the all-wheel-drive versions are solid performers on difficult roadways.

Smooth Steering:

The steering on the HR-V feels very natural and secure. Making otherwise difficult turns is easy in the HR-V since the vehicle provides plenty of feedback from the front wheels. This vehicle can easily navigate winding roads and congested parking lots.


Used Honda Odyssey : Certified Used Honda In Houston TX

The Honda Odyssey commands the attention of minivan buyers by offering all the best a minivan offers in one package. It offers a smooth ride, lots of space for passengers, a capable V6 engine that gets good gas mileage, and impressive design elements inside and out. The whole family can enjoy all the little details that have been thoughtfully developed for the Odyssey. Here, we have compiled a few reasons to consider the Honda Odyssey – Certified Used Honda In Houston TX in Texas –

Quiet Ride:

The Honda Odyssey provides occupants with a quiet, relaxing ride. While the suspension is a little bit firmer than you might expect to find on a minivan, it smooths over bumps well. At highway speeds, the cabin remains insulated from outside noises. Even the engine is barely audible. The active noise cancellation system is truly helpful in keeping the Odyssey muted.

Driver Assist Safety Features:

The Honda Odyssey features Honda Sensing technology that assists the driver by making adjustments according to what it sees happening on the road. The Odyssey will automatically brake if it senses an unavoidable collision. It will also steer the vehicle to the center of the lane or roadway. It also features adaptive cruise control, which adjusts cruising speed to match the car it is following.

HondaLink App For Smartphones:

The Honda Odyssey offers the HondaLink app at the higher trim levels. This handy app works on mobile devices allowing the user to check fuel levels, control door locks, and even remotely start and pre-heat or pre-cool the vehicle. The app also features a parking reminder so you will never forget where you parked your car. You can even send destinations from your mobile device instantly to the navigation system for turn by turn navigation.

Now, you know which Honda used cars are available in the American market for sale with their unique benefits, it’s time to see which one is ideal for your lifestyle. Visit Houston Direct Auto to have a closer look at available Honda’s at our inventory and you can also take a test drive of a few of them today !!


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