Mercedes Air Suspension Repair

Owning a Mercedes is the ultimate dream for many! Mercedes is known for the high-end system of air suspension in Airmatic shocks. The Airmatic suspension was designed to address issues of excessively rigid suspension or poor resistance in bumpy rides.

The Airmatic suspension is a well-designed solution to address these problems in Mercedes. Despite this, the Airmatic system is also prone to failure. Many factors can contribute to malfunctioning suspension systems, including wear-and-tear as the vehicle is used over the years, failing parts, damage, dirt accumulation, and faulty replacement parts.

Many car owners are stressed about Mercedes air suspension issues and repair. Here are some of the common air suspension issues and solutions.

Mercedes air suspension issues and repair

There are a number of problems that can occur with the suspension system:

Relay problems: The relay switch opens and closes the circuits in the compressor and controls the electronic circuits. At times, this system can fail because of over-extended compressor engagement.

A competent mechanic can identify the location of Airmatic relay and advise on whether it needs to be changed.

Compressor: You can find out if the compressor is the problem when your vehicle lowers and there is no initiation of any raise. The compressor pumps air into suspension bags. Sometimes, there can be airflow blockages or a loss of pressure that is needed for air suspension maintenance. At times, the compressor can fail completely. Depending on the extent of the problem, a replacement or a repair with a simple cable fix may suffice.

Valve block: Air, at times, can leak into the compressor causing internal compressor damage. This kind of damage compromises suspension elevation. The vehicle cannot maintain its height with a valve block of the Airmatic system.

Shocks: Incorrect handling of the shock system can result in the shock making a rattling or squeaking noise. The internal parts of the Airmatic suspension may have got dislodged and may need to be replaced by a competent  mechanic.

Buying your used car from a reliable used car dealer who sources fully serviced vehicles is the best way to avoid Mercedes air suspension issues.

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