3 Best Honda Used Cars To Buy In 2020

Used Honda For Sale

Are you planning on purchasing a used vehicle in the auto market? The U.S. used the automobile market is filled with plenty of car models to choose from. But when it comes to high-performance & reliability, Honda Used Cars standout alone from other automobile manufacturers. Distant from the cost, another important thing to consider when looking for a used vehicle is its overall condition. It’s because no one wants to pay high for a car that malfunctions. The good news for car buyers is that Honda cars will not only cost you less in the market but also gives smooth riding experience on the roads. To ease your car buying process, we’ve shortlisted 3 most popular Honda cars available in the market in 2020.


3 Outstanding Honda Used Cars  You Can Buy –

Honda Certified Pre Owned

2017 Honda Civic: Used Honda For Sale –

The 2017 Honda Civic is recognized by many drivers as a reliable & great fuel-efficient vehicle. Many drivers also enjoy the ride of this model more than ever before. It offers a snappy acceleration & attractive handling that has impressed a lot of drivers. It also comes with a high-performance turbocharged engine, spacious interior, great manual transmission, advanced safety features, and so on. You can find this Used Honda For Sale at a price from $10,765 to $13,250 easily.

Honda Certified Pre Owned

2014 Honda Accord at Honda Dealership Used Cars –

The 2014 Honda Accord ranks on top at the top of the midsize sedan cars and several other segments. There are a large number of reasons that the Honda Accord is so much loved by drivers which include its performance, fuel-efficiency, infotainment systems, and many more features. As it is the most popular model among other Honda Used Cars from many generations, you can easily find this car model at the price ranges from $9,952 to $10,890.

Honda Certified Pre Owned

2016 Honda CR-V: Honda Certified Pre Owned –

The 2016 Honda CR-V is a modern crossover SUV with 5 passenger seats and the best-selling vehicle in its segment. The 2016 CR-V has turned into a great family-oriented vehicle from its previous three generations. It is also the best alternative to the trucker vehicle like Jeep wrangler. The 4 cylinders 2.4-liter engine of Honda CR-V boosts its performance to another level. It also provides other attractive features like bigger cargo capacity, fuel economy, smooth handling, and so on. You can find this Honda Certified Pre Owned vehicle at the price ranges from $15,790 to $16,555.


These all are our top 3 recommendations you must consider when looking for a Used Honda For Sale. We have shortlisted these vehicles based on performance, handling, cargo space, and fuel economy. If you eagerly want to buy a used car, you can visit Houston Direct Auto  – one of the best Used Car Dealers In Houston Texas where you can find affordable and top-conditioned used cars. We can also help you bad credit & no credit financing issues by offering dozens of in house financing options. For any queries, please contact us now!


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